A Supplement Protocol To Improve Bone Density & Reverse Osteoporosis

Increasing bone density is not a fast process. Osteoporosis takes a long time to develop. It will take a long time to reverse. It is not easy to reverse as its causes are varied and complex. Most health providers do not deal with the underlying causes of it. They go about trying to deal with it in a manner that doesn’t work. It is not your fault that you have osteoporosis, there just has not been much good advice to follow.

To effectively increase bone density, you need to use a comprehensive program that covers all the major issues that may have caused your osteoporosis in the first place. It won't be fast. Improvement in a year is fast. Two years is more likely to see improvement, and it may take several more years to reverse osteoporosis completely depending on what you do and how bad it is.

Focus on 2 main issues to reverse bone density loss:

1. Improve overall absorption of nutrients into your cells. As we age our cells become toxic and do not uptake nutrients efficiently. This can lead to cancer for one. Our recommendations for increasing bone density will also help prevent cancer because they will detoxify your cells and increase nutrient uptake into them.

2. Turn on the repair process in your body. You can start giving your body the nutrients it needs, yet little happens because an aging body does not have enough growth hormone and other factors to repair itself. The healing process does not turn itself on easily and does not work rapidly when we age.

A comprehensive osteoporosis reversal program will address these two issues in addition to correcting the underlying causes of your decrease in bone density.

So let's take a look at a complete and effective osteoporosis fighting regime. What sets this program apart from other programs you may read about are unique and effective supplements that address all the major causes of osteoporosis, the many ways included in the full protocol to enhance the production and activity of bone building osteoblasts by turning on the repair process in your body, and the increase in nutrient absorption OCMP and CSE will provide.

The 2 Stage Osteoporosis Protocol

The first stage lasts for 4 months During this 4 months, magnesium, but no calcium, is taken along with supplements that deal with other issues discussed in this report. For the rest of the protocol, you take both calcium and magnesium in the right ratio.

Because your magnesium / calcium ratio will improve more quickly, your bone density will increase fastest if you don’t take any calcium supplements at all during the first 4 months.

You also need to reduce your dairy consumption to no more than one serving per day. Researchers that have been specializing in magnesium supplementation for decades found out years ago that if you do not stop all calcium supplementation for 3 to 4 months while taking magnesium, the magnesium levels in your body do not adjust nearly as fast as they would otherwise.

Increasing magnesium levels rapidly will quickly reduce production of osteoclasts that dissolve bone. You can certainly adjust the magnesium / calcium ratio in your body gradually by just taking more magnesium than calcium. It will, however, take longer to adjust those ratios and will not do as good a job of cleaning calcium deposits from arteries and joints, as it would to completely stop calcium intake.

So for best results, do not take any calcium supplements (a small amount around 50 mg. in a multi-vitamin is okay), eat calcium fortified food, or consume dairy for the first four months.

Taking magnesium without calcium in this way provide additional benefits to your overall health as well. Here's how. Because magnesium needs to bind with calcium for both to work properly, when you are not consuming large amounts of calcium in your diet or supplements but you are consuming a lot of magnesium, that magnesium will pull free calcium from wherever excess calcium has been deposited in your body. This will be calcium in your arteries, your joints, kidney stones etc. It will not be pulling calcium from your bones as magnesium consumption signals your body to put calcium into your bones.

In addition, you will still be getting calcium from greens and other non dairy food sources and the higher magnesium levels will improve absorption of calcium.

NOTE: If you have already been taking high dose magnesium with much lower dose calcium for eight months or longer, you can skip Stage 1 and go right on to Stage 2 where you use both calcium and magnesium.

We have spent years researching the best supplements for increasing bone density. Our suggestions as to what the most important supplements are changes as we find new ones and as our understanding of the fundamental causes of osteoporosis improves. This is based on the feedback we get from users of the supplement protocols we suggest.

Our goal is to be able to get everyone improving bone density and over time, reversing their osteoporosis.

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Fundamentals First

The recommendations below will focus on the three basics that deal with the causes of osteoporosis. These are:

1. Too much calcium intake combined with too low a magnesium intake.

2. Sex Hormones being low or out of balance.

3. Low, poorly functioning thyroid

4. Candida Overgrowth.

Candida overgrowth throws both your hormones and your thyroid out of whack. You can check and see if you have candida overgrowth by doing the "spit test" described at www.candida-yeast-infection-relief.com

If you have osteoporosis as well as candida overgrowth, you can use CandElim in addition to the osteoporosis supplements.

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