Stage 2 of the Increasing Bone Density Protocol

Bone Density Basic Combo Stage 2 (1 month supply)

1 bottle Mineral Matrix8

1 bottle OCMP

1 bottle FemBalance for females or 1 Testogen for males.

1 bottle Tyovu

The Full Combo includes the Basic Combo, above plus:

2 bottles CSE

2 bottles Regenerative Elixir

1 bottle Custom Elixir SIBD

1 bottle YouthVital!

Add on the following 2 products separate from the combo.

1 bottle Vitamin D3 Plus - organic and emulsified

1 bottle Bio-K-Mulsion Vitamin K Emulsified

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This stage starts after you have used the magnesium, no calcium, Stage 1 for the first 4 months. (Remember, you will be pulling calcium that is stuck in places where you don't want it when you use magnesium without calcium. And by increasing your levels of magnesium, your body will be putting more of that calcium into your bones.) This is a vital first step that almost everyone misses.

Stage 2 contains all of the products found in Stage 1 that stimulate and instruct your body to increase bone density.

What changes is that we drop 1 bottle of the OCMP and add on 1 bottle per month of MineralMatrix8, a very high quality calcium and magnesium supplement. Everything else remains the same.

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MineralMatrix8 gets more calcium into your cells because most of it’s calcium comes from fossilized red algae, called Aquamin. It comes from large red algae growing in bays off the coast of Iceland and Ireland. At the bottom of these bays are calcium and magnesium deposits of the mineral structure that is left when the algae decomposes. So it is just like eating plants to get your calcium/magnesium. The perfect source. As it is plant based and the calcium has been transformed by the plant into a form that our cells can best absorb.

MineralMatrix8 is a unique and vital dietary supplement to nutritionally support bone density, flexibility and resilience. It engages eight essential natural recovery mechanisms combining patented proven ingredients that work to increase bone density.

The physiological mechanisms engaged by MineralMatrix8 include:

1. Removes "calcium-blockers"; barriers to calcium and essential mineral absorption (includes ammonia, urea and other toxins).

2. Instructs the body to maintain, NOT lose, bone density. Inhibits osteoclasts which break bone down.

3. Provides body friendly forms of calcium, silica and magnesium.The big 3 in bone health.

4. Provides the full spectrum of auxiliary trace minerals that are required for healthy bone and collagen growth.

5. Provide the vitamins that are required for healthy bone and collagen growth.

6. Improves mineral and protein absorption by modulating pH levels and assisting beneficial bacteria growth.

7. Enhance mineral dispersion using natural carrier agents (microporous silica).

8. Opens and clears mineral delivery pathways using full spectrum free radical scavengers.

The 8 Bone Density Enhancing Ingredients in MineralMatrix8:

1. ClearEarth helps remove heavy metals that interfere with the absorption and use of calcium, zinc, magnesium and other essential minerals. It also has high natural silica (99.9%) and trace mineral content which is supportive of ligament, bone (collagen) and hair growth. Silica is important to the cross linking of bone collagen. MineralMatrix8 provides 1,600 mg of organic silica in your daily serving.

2. Patented natural ingredient OsteoGene has a demonstrated ability to turn off the body's bone loss cycle. This is a proprietary extract from the hops plant that supports bone strength by inhibiting the activity of osteoclastic cells that otherwise break down bone. It is also anti-inflammation.

3. Aquamin predigested calcium extracted from organic algae. It also contains high levels of natural magnesium, plus more than 70 trace minerals, and phytonutrients all predigested by a unique marine algae. It is a remarkable whole-food, calcium and mineral source. You get a full spectrum of minerals and sea plant nutrients working for you instead of a single element like most calcium sources. Studies currently underway with Algae show great promise in rapidly building bone density.

4. Wildcrafted citrus pectin nutritionally assists by absorbing toxic debris and stabilizes digestive processes. Supplemental pectin may reduce the energy demands of digestion, particularly reducing ammonia and urea production, which allows the growth of beneficial bacteria that are proven to boost calcium and magnesium absorption. Bonus: Regular bowel movements.

5. Mineral cofactors from Microtrace, is a full spectrum all natural mineral blend. This mineral deposit, which is totally unique in its makeup, is marine sedimentary in nature.

6. Organic Humic and Fulvic Acids, supercharged antioxidants free radical scavengers which also assist in removing toxicity, reducing digestive irritation and boosting the availability of a broad range of nutrients.

7. Vitamin Cofactors including C, K2 and D. These essential vitamins play important roles in nutrient absorption, bone and collagen strength. For example, Vitamin K2 has been clinically proven to provide extraordinary benefits for bone health and cardiovascular health, plus it is a powerful anti-oxidant and some emerging science indicates it might help your joints and intestinal health.

8. Aulterra is a homeopathically activated combination of natural paramagnetic and diamagnetic minerals which produce a significant enhancement when combined with nutraceuticals. Used in small amounts in MineralMatrix8 to boost potency. 180 capsules; 30 day supply. 6 capsules supply 430 mgs of calcium and 245 mgs of magnesium.

By the way, when your doctor tells you to take 1500 mg of calcium daily, he or she is suggesting calcium supplements that may have, at best, about 30% absorption in the stomach. Only about 450 mg may actually get absorbed. Not only is the calcium in MineralMatrix8 better absorbed by far, it is much better utilized in the cells. So a smaller amount will produce better results - especially when it has adequate magnesium.

When you add on the OCMP magnesium to the magnesium in MineralMatrix8, the stage 2 protocol supplies more magnesium than calcium. If you choose to add on more calcium, or if you increase your dairy intake substantially, which is okay to do, be sure and add on some additional magnesium to match the increase in calcium.

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Vitamin D3 Plus - organic and emulsified

Adequate levels of vitamin D are important in the prevention and reversal of cancer, osteoporosis and a host of other illnesses. Including the common cold. Over the last few years, the opinion of vitamin D researchers is that the recommended daily allowance for vitamin D is way too low. Dr. Cees Vermeer found that women who lose abnormally high amounts of calcium through their urine could cut the loss by up to 50 percent when they took high levels of vitamin D. The amount they took was much higher than the normal suggestion of 400 IU a day.

Dr. Robert Rowen, MD and many other alternative MD's now recommend vitamin D supplementation of 5,000 units daily. Even if you get out in the sun in the South, without sunscreen, you may not be getting enough of it. One study showed that 30% of the people in a study, in Hawaii, were vitamin D deficient, even though they were out in the sun 2 hours daily with no sunscreen. Vitamin D is a very important nutrient, the lack of which is connected up to numerous health conditions, from cancer to MS to osteoporosis. It makes sense to add it on to your daily regimen.

Vitamin D3 Plus comes in a 1/2 ounce bottle, is in a coconut oil base for better absorption, and provides 2000 units per drop. There are over 500 drops in the bottle, making it just about the least expensive supplement you can take to fight osteoporosis. Using 3 drops daily to combat osteoporosis, a bottle will last almost 6 months. This will not go rancid as will other oil based vitamin D supplements, and has superior absorption to capsules and tablets. It is the best vitamin D supplement we have seen.

Bio-K-Mulsion Vitamin K Emulsified

Studies show vitamin K is also important in treating osteoporosis. It inhibits the loss of calcium from bones, and is needed to get calcium into bones. One study demonstrated a reduction in calcium loss by up to 50% in osteoporotic individuals when given vitamin K.

The short reason it works is this. Osteocalcin is a protein that binds to calcium and builds bones. It is vitamin K dependent. Lack of vitamin K leads to not enough osteocalcin being utilized - it remains free - so not enough calcium will get into your bones.

Astronauts suffer from osteoporosis, being in a weightless environment. In one study done on Russian cosmonauts, levels of free osteocalcin skyrocketed within 4 days. This means it was not being utilized. When one astronaut was given vitamin K during part of his mission, his levels returned to normal. When he stopped taking it, the high levels returned.

Vitamin K regulates calcium and keeps it in the bones and out of arteries -- preventing strokes, heart attacks and osteoporosis at the same time.

Vitamin K works through an amino acid called GLA. GLA is part of a protein that controls calcium. Researchers believe there are at least one hundred of these calcium controlling proteins scattered throughout the body. Vitamin K is the only vitamin that makes these proteins work. They do this by a process of carboxylation which gives the proteins claws so they can hold onto calcium. Once the protein grabs onto calcium -- it can be moved and utilized by the bones. Proteins that don't get enough vitamin K can't hold on to calcium. Without a functioning protein to control it, calcium drifts out of bone and into arteries and other soft tissue. Vitamin K redirects the "lost" calcium back to the bone bank.

Vitamin K is a liquid emulsified K which makes it well absorbed and easy to take. One drop provides 500 mcg. Five drops daily is enough. There are about 600 drops in a bottle so it is very affordable. This is a K1 supplement which converts to K2 in the body. K2 supplements are much more expensive. Just take a bit higher dose of K1, as recommended here, and you will have plenty of K2 in your body. Vitamin K supplementation is generally contraindicated in patients who are taking coumadin/warfarin. Pregnant women should avoid supplementation with vitamin K in doses exceeding 65 mcg unless directed by a doctor.

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