Limits To The Accuracy of Bone Density Tests

Dr. Frank Shallenberger, a well known alternative MD, makes the point that comparing bone density tests is many times inaccurate because they tests must be taken at exactly the same spot on the same bone. He writes, “The technician must aim the X-ray at the exact same spot on the same bone. If you’re just one-sixteenth of an inch off, you can get different results even if your overall bone health hasn’t changed.

I see this all the time when I look at prior bone density tests of my new patients. The tests show that the density went up in four different places — but also went down in four different places.”

The Best Bone Density Test.

The solution to determining if you are going in the right direction is to get an N-telopeptide test.

This is a urine test that measures how much bone you’re losing. If N-telopeptide is too high in the urine, your rate of bone loss is too high. Another good thing about this test is that you can do it every few weeks if you want. It generally takes about 4 to 6 weeks to see improvement in this test when you start on an osteoporosis reversal protocol. This enables you to see if what you are doing is working without having to wait a year or two until your next dexa scan.

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