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Following is a list of our osteoporosis group of products. You can read more about each product and see it's picture and pricing by clicking on the name.

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OCMP stands for Optimize Cellular Membrane Potential as the combination of nutrients in it optimizes the ionic charge on the cell walls. This improves cellular chemistry and increases overall cell efficiency. OCMP enables more toxins to be eliminated from cells, and increases the uptake into cells of oxygen and other nutrients.

FemBalance for females

FemBalance frequency enhanced water elixir that signals your body to balance and optimize female hormone production. Increasing production of hormones that are too low while decreasing production of hormones are too high.

Testogen for males

Testogen is a supercharged version of Custom Elixir T made with the same technology that makes FemBalance. It is equivalent to using 6 bottles a month of Custom Elixir T. There are more energies in it, and a more powerful technology was used to concentrate these energies in Testogen. The energies instruct your body to greatly increase -- to the highest optimal levels -- your testosterone. As men also need beta estrogen produced by the adrenals, Testogen contains instructions to optimize beta estrogen levels too.


Tyovu is a frequency enhanced elixir supplying water that has been imprinted with energies that tell your body to optimize thyroid and adrenal function. The advanced technology used to make Tyovu is able to concentrate this information in the water to such as extent that your thyroid and adrenal function will improve greatly within a few months.


CSE is a Cell Support Elixir replacing the MC2. It is a frequency enhanced water containing vibrations of a set of instructions put into the water with a proprietary technology unit that is able to concentrate and stabilize in CSE the subtle vibrations of a set of instructions designed to provide overall cell support and to optimize the functioning of your cells.

Regeneration Elixir

Regeneration Elixir is a frequency enhanced water energized with frequencies that stimulate your cells to regenerate. Similar to the way a homeopathic formula works, when you drink small amounts of this water, it transfers its unique frequencies to your body, or specifically to the cells in your body as they do communicate electrically.

Custom Elixir SIBD

SIBD tells your body to Significantly Increase Bone Density. Fast.


YouthVital is a frequency enhanced water elixir with energies that instruct your body to increase growth hormone levels. These energies are stabilized and concentrated using our proprietary QVF technology. The great advantage of using YouthVital! to increase growth hormones (hgh) is that your body does not become dependent on external hormone supplementation.

Mineral Matrix8

MineralMatrix8 gets more calcium into your cells because most of it’s calcium comes from fossilized red algae, called Aquamin.

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