Cell Support Elixir

CSE is a Cell Support Elixir replacing the MC2. It is a frequency enhanced water containing vibrations of a set of instructions put into the water with a proprietary technology unit that is able to concentrate and stabilize in CSE the subtle vibrations of a set of instructions designed to provide overall cell support and to optimize the functioning of your cells.

One set of instructions micro clusters the fluid in the body so that your cells will be better able to absorb nutrients. And perhaps more important, when using CSE your cells will be better able to release toxins stored in them. Cellular over-toxicity is a major cause of poor health.

CSE works to help adjust cellular pH to optimal levels. It also contains instructions to improve the production of energy in cells. The overall set of vibrations in CSE is very supporting to your cells electrical functioning -- while at the same time is disruptive to anything in your body that is not supposed to be there.  Use 1 to 6 bottles a month. Each bottle is a 2 ounce dropper bottle. Ingredients:  Frequency enhanced water.


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