Tyovu is a frequency enhanced elixir supplying water that has been imprinted with energies that tell your body to optimize thyroid and adrenal function. The advanced technology used to make Tyovu is able to concentrate this information in the water to such as extent that your thyroid and adrenals will improve greatly within a few months.

The thyroid gland controls metabolism (how quickly the body uses energy), makes proteins, and controls how the body responds to other hormones. Adrenal glands affect thyroid function. When candida overgrowth wipes out your adrenals, as it always will do, the result is a poorly functioning, low thyroid too. Tyovu works on both of these glands, as both need to be improved together. For therapeutic use, take 2 bottles a month for 4 months. Ingredients: Frequency enhanced water

$39.95  or 3+ bottles are $36.95 each

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