Bio-K-Mulsion Vitamin K Emulsified

Studies show vitamin K is also important in treating osteoporosis. It inhibits the loss of calcium from bones, and is needed to get calcium into bones. One study demonstrated a reduction in calcium loss by up to 50% in osteoporotic individuals when given vitamin K.

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The short reason it works is this. Osteocalcin is a protein that binds to calcium and builds bones. It is vitamin K dependent. Lack of vitamin K leads to not enough osteocalcin being utilized - it remains free - so not enough calcium will get into your bones.

Astronauts suffer from osteoporosis, being in a weightless environment. In one study done on Russian cosmonauts, levels of free osteocalcin skyrocketed within 4 days. This means it was not being utilized. When one astronaut was given vitamin K during part of his mission, his levels returned to normal. When he stopped taking it, the high levels returned.

Vitamin K regulates calcium and keeps it in the bones and out of arteries -- preventing strokes, heart attacks and osteoporosis at the same time.

Vitamin K works through an amino acid called GLA. GLA is part of a protein that controls calcium. Researchers believe there are at least one hundred of these calcium controlling proteins scattered throughout the body. Vitamin K is the only vitamin that makes these proteins work. They do this by a process of carboxylation which gives the proteins claws so they can hold onto calcium. Once the protein grabs onto calcium -- it can be moved and utilized by the bones. Proteins that don't get enough vitamin K can't hold on to calcium. Without a functioning protein to control it, calcium drifts out of bone and into arteries and other soft tissue. Vitamin K redirects the "lost" calcium back to the bone bank.

Bio-K-Mulsion Vitamin K is a liquid emulsified K which makes it well absorbed and easy to take. One drop provides 500 mcg. Five drops daily is enough. There are about 600 drops in a bottle so it is very affordable. This is a K1 supplement which converts to K2 in the body. K2 supplements are much more expensive. Just take a bit higher dose of K1, as recommended here, and you will have plenty of K2 in your body. Vitamin K supplementation is generally contraindicated in patients who are taking coumadin/warfarin. Pregnant women should avoid supplementation with vitamin K in doses exceeding 65 mcg unless directed by a doctor.

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