There have been many excellent supplements we have recommended over the years for helping with osteoporosis. Quite frankly, they aren’t strong enough to be in the list of top recommendations anymore -- but they are still very good to use. The top supplements in this group are….

Ionic Strontium Concentrate

There has been plenty of research showing that strontium is effective at improving bone density. It is well worth using, but it is not as important as the supplements and elixirs in the combo are.

Studies have shown a 14.4% increase in lumbar spine bone mineral density over a three year period, along with an 8.3% increase in hip density. We like the liquid Ionic Strontium Concentrate because, being in an ionic form, it’s absorption will not be blocked by calcium as will other forms of strontium -- though it is best to take away from calcium just to be on the safe side. Just 30 drops a day, supplying 90 mgs. of ionic strontium is all you need to take. That is one bottle for a month’s supply.

The combination of supplements and elixirs covered in this report will enable you to both correct the fundamental causes of osteoporosis, and to speed up the repair process. Reversing osteoporosis can take years, though we have heard of a complete reversal in just a year. That is rare. You will be speeding up the process by using the full combos.

One final issue

If your parathyroid is the problem, -- if you have high blood calcium levels, you probably have a growth on it. You don’t have to do surgery or drugs. Two supplements can reduce the tumor over the course of a few months. Use one bag monthly of the MSM Powder to help soften and dissolve the tumor, and 2 containers monthly of PapayaPro to digest it. This enzyme rich formulation, when taken on an empty stomach, will digest the parathyroid tumor or any other benign tumors in the body. We have had much experience with PapayaPro eliminating tumors over the course of a number of months. You can speed up the process by using more PapayaPro, up to 4 containers a month

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